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Helping You Find Joy, Purpose, and Contentment Post Divorce

Welcome to my new blog! I’m calling it Re-inventing Rita! My name is Rita Magalde and I am the author of the new book From Mrs. To Mrs.—How to Pull Your Life Together When Your Marriage Falls Apart. This blog will be dedicated to divorced mothers (and fathers you are welcome too) everywhere who have struggled with their new role as mother, CEO of their household, and ex-spouse after the dust has settled. My road was rough…let me tell you! I was incredibly sad, angry, and lost after my divorce, and because I had very small children at the time, I didn’t have the luxury to really explore my feelings and get to a better place right away. It took me years, but finally I made the real DECISION to accept that I was divorced and find happiness and contentment in the situation. NO, I didn’t choose divorce, but sometimes life throws us obstacles that require pulling out strength from deep inside that we didn’t know we had. I decided that although I could not give my children the “intact” family that I had dreamed of, I would give them the next best thing…a mother who loves unconditionally, a stable home that fosters creativity and teamwork, and a friendship with their dad that includes forgiveness and gratitude even when it isn’t easy. I will be sharing key points from my book as well as other bits of advice that I have learned over the years so please stay tuned to my daily inspirations and how I REINVENTED RITA over the years. My goal is to help you grow as a person, forgive yourself and others, and find joy and purpose as you navigate through this difficult transition From Mrs. To Ms.

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