Rita-New_10-72C-speakerRita Magalde is a firecracker. She’s dynamic, she’s enthusiastic, and she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to getting through divorce with as little drama and difficulty as possible. Having walked the walk, she’s an understanding, compassionate, and encouraging voice in what seems like the wilderness of divorce.

She is available to speak to groups from large to small about her book and subjects that address the human side of divorce.

Topics include:

  • From Mrs. to Ms. – How I got through my divorce, and you can too.
  • The F Word – How Forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness, can deflate the anger and soothe the hurt.
  • The Most Important Thing to Take in a Divorce – Forget the silver or the wine collection, what will help you most to take is responsibility for your part in the divorce.
  • How to Find the Sunshine in the Midst of the Storm – When things look dismal and gray, there’s a simple technique that can work wonders in getting you up & running again.
  • Standing Tall on Your Own – A look at the infinite possibilities of being your own boss by becoming an entrepreneur after your divorce.

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